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What city is the world's most visited? Depends on who you ask

Have you been to the most the most popular city in the world for travellers? That all depends on who you ask. This week, Euromonitor International released its latest list of the 100 city destinations ranking, placing Hong Kong as the most visited city in the world.

View from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Image by ©Luciano Mortula – LGM/Shutterstock

The report placed the urban archipelago in the top spot followed by Bangkok, ranking cities in terms of international tourist arrivals in 2016. Overall, the study from the market research group found that Asian cities are dominating the rankings, attributing this to the rise in demand for outbound tourism from China. Hong Kong has also been trying to encourage visitors to come with a number of tourism campaigns, like showing off the city through the eyes of adorable Shiba Inus, and with QR-code walking tours.

Enjoy some dim sum in Hong Kong. Image by ©Nipon Laicharoenchokchai/Shutterstock

While these new numbers rank tourism for this year, another recent report from Mastercard placed Bangkok in the top spot for 2016 for having the most overnight visitors of any city in the world. It was the second year that Bangkok came in first, unseating London from the top spot last year as the UK capital continues to lose its grip on such rankings.

Side view of Choi Hung Estate on Sep 13, 2014 in Choi Hung, Hong Kong. Image by ©Kenneth Ip/Shutterstock

Regardless, both surveys place Asian destinations as the up-and-coming spots around the world. “Asia Pacific is the standout region driving change in travel. We expect the region to continue growing in the coming decade with Singapore overtaking London as the third most visited city in the world by 2025, giving the podium fully to Asia,” said Wouter Geerts, senior travel analyst with Euromonitor International, in a statement.

Overall, the top 10 most visited cities are: Hong Kong (26.6 million visitors); Bangkok (21.2 million); London (19.2 million); Singapore (16.6 million); Macau (15.4 million); Dubai (14.9 million); Paris (14.4 million); New York (12.7 million); Shenzhen (12.6 million); and Kuala Lumpur (12.3 million).