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You can now build your own igloo in the French Alps

A tour company has launched a new package that allows guests to journey to the French Alps, build an igloo and spend the night inside it, all in an effort to raise money and awareness for sustainable tourism.

French Alps igloo adventure
The experience allows guests to build their own igloos before spending the night in them. Image by Undiscovered Mountains

Launched by Undiscovered Mountains in partnership with non-profit Tourism Concern, the eco-challenge is available to book now for the winter season, and was created as a way to promote Alps-based activities outside ski resorts in order to develop a broader tourism economy in the local area and help visitors get in touch with nature and appreciate the Alpine environment in a new way. The campaign will also donate €50 towards sustainable tourism for every successful group that completes the challenge. The experience starts with a guided hike to a location with the best conditions for igloo building, before lunch onsite. The correct techniques that will be required to build the temporary igloos will be dependent on the snow conditions at the time, and the guide will offer advice on creating a safe construction for sleeping in. After dinner under the stars, visitors will bed down in warm sleeping bags for the night, getting up for breakfast in the open wilderness the next morning.

€50 will be donated to charity for every team that successfully completes the challenge.
€50 will be donated to charity for every team that successfully completes the challenge. Image by Undiscovered Mountains

The minimum age to take part in the expedition is 16, and the company states that a reasonable level of fitness is required in order to trek to the igloo building location whilst carrying rucksacks. In some cases, it is possible for the tour to arrange less remote locations for the experience, which should be requesting when booking. Other activities that are available as part of the company’s winter package includes husky sledding, cross-country skiing, paragliding, snow scooting and ice climbing.

More information on the Undiscovered Mountains Eco-Challenge is available on the official website.