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Giving up a daily latte could help you afford these bucket-list travel goals

While grabbing a latte is a nice way to start your morning and buying lunch is a treat, swapping out some of those expensive habits could help you check a few more travel goals off your bucket list.

Snorkeling near a tropical island, Thailand.
Snorkeling near a tropical island, Thailand. Image by Reinhard Dirscherl/Getty Images

While every traveller knows that they could cut back on spending in order to have more cash on their next trip, International Currency Exchange (ICE) did the math on some of the world’s most popular activities and compared them to some of the typical everyday expenditures of Brits. The research breaks down just what British travellers could sacrifice at home in order to satisfy their wanderlust abroad.

If a UK traveller cut out buying a medium latte every day for two weeks, about £36 in value, they could be able to pay for bungee jumping in Germany. If you’re not a thrillseeker, but do have a weakness for buying a can of Diet Coke each day, you could save the £13.95 that could be spent on going scuba diving in Thailand.

If you like buying your lunch as much as travel, remember that for the same price as ten supermarket meal deals you could see the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, for which a ticket  costs about £30 according to ICE. For the price of only 18 chocolate bars, or about £14.50, you could take in the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

ICE CEO Koko Sarkari said in a statement that “with more budget airline routes opening up, travelling the world is within reach of more people – once in a lifetime doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Anyone who is trying to budget for a dream travel experience should take a look at their spending and see what small tweaks they can make to their daily expenditure.”

ICE research.
ICE research. Image by Infographic

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