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Planning on going it alone? New survey says solo travel will be the key trend of 2017

A recent survey has examined travellers’ predictions for 2017 with some interesting results. BookYogaRetreats.com surveyed more than 300 travellers to try and get an insight into what kind of trends we can expect to see in the next year.

Woman standing on a rock with arms raised silhouetted against a tropical beach scene with palm trees and fishermen in the background
The solo travel trend looks like it’s going to grow in 2017. Image by Steve Coleman (Stevacek)

The rise and rise of solo travel is continuing. with 51% of respondents saying they’ll be taking their next holiday solo. Germany is leading the way with 80% of German respondents say they will go it alone, followed by 69% of UK respondents and 67% of Canadians. Unsurprisingly, this solo travel trend goes hand-in-hand with independent travel; just 6.25% of people say they will use a travel agent in 2017. The website also say they’ve seen a huge amount of traffic to their women-only retreats, which accompanies a recent study that found a 230% increase in the number of women-only travel companies.

It's unlikely we're going to see the end of posting holiday snaps on social media.
It’s unlikely we’re going to see the end of posting holiday snaps on social media. Image by Paul McGee

More and more travellers say they’re looking for an enriching travel experience. 29% said they want to travel to explore a new destination and 32.9% stated their aim is to learn a new skill. More than half of the people surveyed want to explore local life and immerse themselves in culture. In contrast, only 4% of people said they travelled in search of a party or good nightlife, while just 10% said they were planning to travel to see their family and friends. Spanish travellers were the most likely to opt for wellness holidays, with 16.7% saying they planned to do so in 2017. Lastly, Instagram travel inspiration is unlikely to stop in 2017. Almost 80% of respondents will use social media while on vacation, with 25% checking in daily. The same enthusiasm doesn’t extend to travellers’ work lives though as 75% of people wanted to completely unplug from their jobs while travelling.