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Hotel Wi-Fi more important than breakfast and parking for US guests

Hotel Wi-Fi is more important to guests than good location, free parking or even complimentary breakfast, according to the latest research in the USA.

Fast speed WiFi is more important to hotel guests than parking or complimentary breakfast according to a new survey
Fast speed hotel WiFi is more important to guests than parking or complimentary breakfast according to a new survey by Research + Data Insights Image by PortoBay Hotels & Resorts / CC BY 2.0

And having easy access to online functions was second only to the cost of a room when people booked a hotel stay, according to the Research+Data Insights survey.

The findings have led Red Roof Inn to boost their Wi-Fi services across the country. They have tested for speeds that will allow room holders to stream video games, movies and their favourite music when in one of their hotels.

According to the president of Red Roof, Andrew Alexander, they have a clear goal for their  hotel Wi-Fi across the US –“fast, free and verified.”

The chain is undertaking its verified initiative on a test phase with some properties already upgraded. They plan an advertising campaign on billboards, stating their hotel Wi-Fi is “fast and free.” The survey by Research+Data Insights found that four in every five of customers had favourable opinions of hotels which offered high-speed complimentary Wi-Fi.

Red Roof is planning to guarantee high-speed Wi-Fi at all outlets in its 470-plus portfolio.The CMO of Red Roof, Marina MacDonald said they expected a return on their investment from the increase in satisfied customers who would be able to access unlimited streaming options. She added that ultimately the aim would be to enhance their reputation “as an upscale economy brand.”