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This airline seat could be what tall people have been waiting for

It seems like almost every week there is a new plan for seating arrangements on airplanes that would help to cram extra passengers on board.

These seats may be more comfortable. Image by Imagery & VR Experience © Neutral Digital, 2018

One design firm however, has come up with a new plan for giving you more room in economy class without having to remove any seats. PearsonLloyd’s win-win design would mean extra comfort for passengers and no loss of space for airlines. The idea came from looking at how economy seating works, particularly on long haul flights and had as its focus increasing room, opening up the airplane, and ergonomic design.

The seats will give passengers more space without the airlines losing seats. Image by Imagery & VR Experience © Neutral Digital, 2018

Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd said: “one of the key design features is the separation of the headrest from the back, by introducing a central spine and neck to support the head rest. This maximises the passenger’s personal space and creates increased sight lines through the cabin by narrowing the seat from the rear.” The new “central spine” of the seat would hold tray tables and other things that passengers need while making it easier to get in and out for take-off, landing, toilet breaks, or just to stretch your legs. Passengers would be able to sit with their knees on either side of the spine, which would give them a couple of crucial extra inches for comfort. The seats have also been designed to allow passengers recline further without annoying the person sitting behind them quite as much!

You’ll even be able to recline your seat without annoying the passenger behind. Image by Imagery & VR Experience © Neutral Digital, 2018

The design is even eco-friendly with the rear of the seat partly made of recycled plastic containing a high percentage of sunflower seed. Even the seat covers are made using a recycled wool mix while the aluminium parts would be made using recycled aircraft parts. PearsonLloyd said that up until now a lot of airplane seating has been designed without the emphasis being entirely on passenger comfort. The new design was put on display at the recent Aircraft Interiors EXPO 2018 in Hamburg where digital agency Neutral Digital turned it into a virtual reality experience.