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This breath-taking drone footage showcases Lake Garda’s floating cycle path

While cycling around Italy’s Lake Garda isn’t anything new, cyclists’ experiences are set to get an upgrade with the latest “floating” cycle path around the famous locale. Though the path has yet to be completed this hasn’t stopped people from having a look at the construction itself with footage of the route via drone being viewed on social media tens of thousands of times.

Captured by Italian photographer Davide Bertoldi and shared on Garda Outdoors’ Facebook page, the footage is a feast for the eyes. It’s said that when the path is completed it will measure 140 kilometres in length and will circle all of Lake Garda. “The Lake Garda cycle route seems to be the most panoramic, evocative and breath-taking all over the continent!” Garda Outdoors told Lonely Planet. “It will have different levels according to the stretches you face, but what is not going to change is the strong emotion you will get riding your inseparable bike or walk”.

Cycling around Lake Garda offers incredible views. Image by GettyImages/Robert Niedring

As seen from the footage, the new path is built off the side of the cliffs and will offer cyclists views like no other and the feeling as if they’re floating above the water. Bike tourism brings around 220,000 visitors to Italy every year and it is hope that this new cycle-way will boost it even further. “I have been in the world of photography for three years, mainly photography of experiences, travels and portraits,” Davide told Lonely Planet. “Living in Riva del Garda certainly facilitated me as it is a magnificent place, with the lake and mountains, I think it seems like a paradise”.

The new route will cater to all abilities. Image by GettyImages/REDA&CO / Contributor

Costing €102 million (US$125 million), the entire path is hoped to be completed by 2021. It is intended to cater to all cycling abilities though some stretches will be more difficult. Alternative modes of transport for cycles will be available such as boats to bypass the harder parts if needed.