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Berlin emerges as the number one city in the world to work while you travel

A new report by PeoplePerHour has revealed the capital city of Germany as the top spot for ‘digital nomads’ to earn a living while travelling. The study takes into account things like the number of co-working spaces, monthly salaries, the overall cost of living, visa requisites and crime rates.

People dancing at summer Strandbar beach party near Spree river at historic Museum Island with famous TV tower in the background in twilight during blue hour at dusk, Berlin Mitte district, Germany Image by Shutterstock

The top five cities for freelance professionals according to the report released in July are: Berlin, Istanbul, Bengaluru, Vancouver and Lisbon. 

Digital-heavy roles like freelance writers, editors, social media managers, designers, web developers and graphic designers, can often have the freedom of choosing where they want to work from around the globe. Berlin’s reasonable rent, wealth of culture and geographical location make it an attractive base for people seeking to explore while earning a steady income.

Nikolaiviertel is the reconstructed historical heart of the Berlin. It is located in Mitte. Image by Shutterstock

Berlin’s divided Cold War past is one of the reasons the city has struggled to compare economically to Germany’s more industrious hubs, like manufacturing-rich Munich, or the finance centre of Frankfurt. However, it’s also kept rent rates relatively low, attracting young, travel-enthusiast freelancers and creative types from around the world.

Berlin’s thriving social scene makes it attractive. Image by: Getty

The cost of property in Berlin is still generally lower than Germany’s other major cities, which continues to make it appealing for start-up companies. PeoplePerHour also ranked Berlin as the second best city for starting a new business, second to Vancouver in Canada. Meaning Berlin even beats the tech mecca that is San Francisco (21st place) as well as its British rival London (14th).

PeoplePerHour say that the top-ranked cities are not only where millennial professionals are heading for work, but are also the hotspots of the future. Xenios Thrasyvoulou founder and CEO of the company told Lonely Planet News: “Berlin has become a major business hub in recent years, and it’s one of the rare tech hubs in the world with affordable rent estate. When you compare it to its contemporaries in status – San Francisco, London, Paris – Berlin presents extraordinary value for money. Add to that, Berlin has a thriving social scene, a pretty low crime rate and is extremely culturally diverse –making it a fun and safe place to live as well as to do business.”