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Travel agents report a growing trend for post-divorce holiday bookings - the Start-Anew-Moon

We’ve all heard of having a honeymoon when you get married but what do you do when you get divorced?

With the divorce rate in America at 50% there is an ever increasing market for holiday getaways after marriage. Travel agent Liberty Travel have recently introduced the ‘Start-Anew-Moons’. They are trips aimed primarily at middle-aged people who have just gone through a divorce and are looking to refresh their lives.

You can sit out i the sun overlooking the beautiful ocean
Acantildo del Amanecer in Mexico offers some beautiful beaches. Image by ©Emma Shaw/Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet News spoke to Christina Pedroni, the senior vice president of Liberty Travel, who said: “a number of agents noted that they were booking more and more trips for those who were recently divorced. It might seem like an odd thing to celebrate at first glance, but it really makes tremendous sense.  It’s a new chapter of someone’s life and travel helps to start this journey on a refreshed foot.”

The trips can be solo trips or they can be for groups of friends with the catalyst being a divorce in the group. When people are married it can often be more difficult to plan holidays together with other friends. A divorce can be the perfect excuse. The trips are usually all-inclusive trips in resorts that offer a maximum atmosphere to relax and clear your head. Christina went on to say: “many of these trips are girlfriend getaways with the recent divorce of one in the group being the spark to ignite the trip.”

A gorgeous view of the Maldives.
Tropical beach with coconut palms, Biyadhoo island, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives. Image by ©Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

The most popular locations for Americans are Mexico or the Caribbean and many partner hotels run packages to coincide with the start-anew-moons. When asked how they advertise these trips, Christina said: “our travel consultants are in long-standing relationships with most clients so they know when something significant is happening in their lives. This is a fun way to suggest a reason for their next getaway. ”

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Or what about an exciting surf trip with a friend? Image by ©Corey Jenkins/Getty Images

If any of this has piqued your interest, check out more information here.