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The world’s largest cruise ship has an on-board Instagrammer to get the perfect shot

Taking holiday pictures is of the utmost importance to many travellers, with modern technology allowing us to instantaneously create a keepsake of the most important moments in our lives and share it with our closest friends and families. But for vacationers wishing to step their game up that little bit more, the world’s largest cruise ship, the newly unveiled Symphony of the Seas, has announced that it is employing an Instagrammer-in-Chief to help guests capture the perfect images.

Russ Francis is the Instagrammer-in-Chief for the Symphony of the Seas.
Russ Francis is the Instagrammer-in-Chief for the Symphony of the Seas. Image by Royal Caribbean

Announced recently by Royal Caribbean, social media expert Russ Francis will be on hand to help guests aboard the new vessel as it sets off on its inaugural sailing from Barcelona, Spain. Russ’ Instagram skills were spotted by the company when he entered Royal Caribbean’s search for the first Instagram Intern-Ship at sea in 2017, and his new role will be to help inspire guests to do the ship justice through their Instagram content.

The FlowRider on the cruise ship being photographed.
The FlowRider on the cruise ship being photographed. Image by Royal Caribbean

“For something to be truly Instagrammable it has to be unique enough that people want to show off about it,” said Russ Francis, Royal Caribbean Instagrammer-in-Chief. “It’s so much more than being a pretty setting. Extraordinary Instagram content causes a reaction, whether that’s jaws dropping in amazement or mouths watering at the very best dishes, it’s about capturing experiences that ‘wow’ the viewer.”

The vessel was recently dubbed the most Instagrammable ship in a recent independent study. Image by Royal Caribbean

As well as its impressive size, Symphony of the Seas includes a number of interesting photographic features, such as the “Paradox Void” art installation overhead the ship’s Royal Promenade, the “Ultimate Abyss”, a ten-storey tall slide, Central Park, which features lush greenery and over 12,000 tropical plans in a serene open-air neighbourhood, the amphitheatre-style AquaTheatre that showcases water acrobatics and high-diving aerial performances and the floor-to-ceiling LEGO wall in the family suite.

The Symphony of the Seas is the largest ship in the world. Image: Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images

Some of Russ’ tips to make the most of an Instagram shot includes taking photographs in a square frame to ensure everything is included, making the most of strong colours, shapes, lines and good lighting, using negative space to make an object stand out, looking for clever reflections and surfaces and using gridlines to balance shots. It’s not the first time a company has rolled out an idea like this, with the last few years seeing a resort in Maldives hiring an Instagram Butler and an Amsterdam hotel training door staff in photography.