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Plant-based pizza and millennial pink fill this London restaurant in Chelsea

If you like the feel of mid-century cafes, with their fifties and sixties vibes, and are also a fan of very Instagrammable spaces, then you might be interested in one of Chelsea’s newest additions.

Humble Pizza is one of the latest additions to the Chelsea neighbourhood. Photo courtesy of Child Studio

Humble Pizza recently opened on King’s Road in Chelsea, London, and as the name might suggest it’s focused on serving pizza –with a twist, of course. All dishes are plant-based, vegetarian and vegan safe. You can choose between two types of bases, cauliflower or classic Roman style pan, and then follow your heart’s desire when it comes to toppings, going from the more traditional ones like mushrooms and tomatoes to the more extravagant ones like watermelon radish and grapefruit.

Humble Pizza’s pizzas are all plant-based and safe for both vegetarians and vegans. Photo by Steven Joyce

Aside from its unique twist of one of the world’s most popular dishes, one of Humble Pizza’s striking features is its total pink look, from the façade to the interiors. The design was put together by London-based Child Studio, who researched and tried to recreate the feeling of mid-century formica cafes. Everything from the mosaic flooring to the pink neon sign echoes back to these cafes, first established by Italian immigrants coming into the neighbourhood.

The style of Humble Pizza’s interior design was inspired by mid-century formica cafes. Photo courtesy of Child Studio

Ultimately, the true goal of this design choice is evoking a time when Chelsea was at the heart of alternative British pop culture, where fashion and music flourished. “Humble Pizza is a fantasy about King’s Road of the time when Vivienne Westwood was setting up her first boutique down the road,” said Child Studio founders Alexey Kostikov and Chieh Huang in a statement. “And the Rolling Stones were hanging out at the notorious Chelsea drugstore and the whole street was buzzing with hippies, pinks and fashion kids.”

Everything inside Humble Pizza is a total-pink dream. Photo courtesy of Child Studio

You can follow Humble Pizza on its Instagram page or contact them through their website here.