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Sad puppy? Leave your dog a doll of yourself when you go on holiday

There’s a particular heartbreak involved with leaving your pet dog behind while you jet off on holidays. If you live in the UK, however, a new service might be able to help comfort your pet and assuage your feelings of guilt while you’re away.

Online pet-sitter service, DogBuddy, is trialling a new service called Woof You Were Here. Image: DogBuddy

Online pet-sitter service, DogBuddy, is trialling a new service called Woof You Were Here, which allows dog-owners to turn themselves into lookalike dog toys. The twelve families selected for the trial will be invited to submit their favourite family photos, and they will receive dog toys that look like miniature versions of their family members.

Miniatures versions of the family created as dog toys. Image: DogBuddy

The impetus behind the trial was research conducted by DogBuddy, which found that 93% of dog-owners surveyed spend time on holiday worrying that their dog misses them. Almost half (48%) admit that this has had a negative impact on their enjoyment of the trip because they feel so guilty leaving their dog behind.

To help tackle these feelings of guilt, DogBuddy is inviting customers to create toy versions of themselves, so that their dog can play with them when the real family aren’t around. The idea is that it will reassure owners that their dog has at least an element of their company with them while they’re out of the country.

A new service that creates miniatures versions of the family for dogs to play with is being trialled. Image: DogBuddy

“As we found in our research, worrying about our pets on holiday is something that affects the vast majority of dog-owners, so we’re extremely excited to trial this incredibly fun solution to the problem before any more Brits lose precious holiday time,” says Richard Setterwall, DogBuddy’s founder and CEO.

Most pet-owners feel guilty about leaving their pet behind when they go on holidays. Image: DogBuddy

To enter for the chance of becoming one of the twelve trial families, see here.