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Trek an undiscovered route from Colombia's Lost City with the help of the local community

Cuidad Perida, or the Lost City in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada region, is an alluring trek through a dense rainforest up to ancient ruins. Now, travellers who wanted to tackle the journey can take a “new undiscovered route” with the help of the Indigenous Wiwa community.

The Lost City of Teyuna in Colombia. Image by ©PetraKosonen/Getty Images

G Adventures and its non-profit partner, Planeterra, have announced a partnership with Wiwa Tours, the first Indigenous travel company in the Sierra Nevada, to open up what it is describing as a new route from the Lost City. The tour is designed to bring trekkers on a new path through the dense forest and even visit “an Indigenous village that is opening its doors to tourism for the first time,” according to the companies.

Two people from the Wiwa community look at a waterfall in the jungle. Image by G Adventures.

The seven-day walking tour will take travellers, along with a Wiwa guide, to stay overnight in Wiwa campsites and trek through the new exit route, which is only open to G Adventures and Wiwa Tours travellers. The group will then head to the village of Gotsezhi, where the trekkers will “undergo a traditional soul-cleansing ceremony before entering,” followed by learning – with the help of a translator – about the community and eating a traditional meal cooked by locals. Overall, the trek will head through the dense jungle and river valleys, with nights spent sleeping under the stars in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The steps that lead to the Lost City. Image by G Adventures

The travel companies have been working together since 2015 to create community enterprises in the village. “Sustainable Indigenous tourism in the Sierra Nevada region not only offers employment for many of the local communities, but also helps to protect their traditional cultures and customs, which have been threatened in recent years,” said Jamie Sweeting, vice president of social enterprise and responsible travel for G Adventures, in a statement. Planterra has created a set of industry guidelines to improve the interaction of tour groups and Indigenous communities, which the companies follow. The price for the new tour begins at £539 per person. Learn more about hiking to Cuidad Perida here.