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Celebrity hotels all over the world, from island resorts and ranches to luxurious townhouses

Everyone looks for that little something that makes a hotel stand out above the rest. For many it’s the quirky décor or the views, and for others it may be the fact that the hotel is owned by a celebrity. Unsurprisingly hotels are a top choice when it comes to celebrity investments, with Robert Redford and Leonardo Di Caprio among the ranks of hotel owners. Here’s our selection of interesting celebrity owned hotels:

Leonardo Di Caprio's environmentally friendly island resort
Leonardo Di Caprio’s environmentally friendly island resort Image by Blackadore Caye

Leonardo Di Caprio: Blackadore Caye

A dedicated environmentalist, Di Caprio’s hotel was bound to be eco-friendly, and so it is! The Oscar-winning actor has undertaken the challenge to build a luxury eco-friendly resort on Blackadore Caye island in Belize. The actor owns the island, which he bought for $1.75 million and it’s due to open in 2018.

The Bedford Post Inn in its rustic surroundings
The Bedford Post Inn in its rustic surroundings Image by The Bedford Post Inn

Richard Gere: The Bedford Post Inn

A Westchester resident through and through, Richard Gere owns The Bedford Post Inn in the upstate New York town of Bedford. The inn dates back to 1860 and is a rustic building set in the midst of the New England countryside.

Hugh Jackman co-owns the Gwinganna Health Resort
Hugh Jackman co-owns the Gwinganna Health Resort Image by Gwinganna

Hugh Jackman: Gwinganna Health Retreat

While getting in shape for ‘Wolverine’ actor Hugh Jackman decided to spend a few weeks at the luxury Gwinganna Health Retreat on Australia’s Gold Coast. The wellness resort offers spa treatments, outdoor activities, stress therapy, and yoga. The actor ended up staying there for a couple of months he loved it so much, and then eventually went on to become co-owner of the business

U2: The Clarence Hotel

Whilst U2 were thought to have owned The Clarence in Dublin for some time, it turns out that only this month did they succeed in getting full possession of it. Bono and The Edge have part-owned the hotel since 1992 and now officially own it since 16 March. The change-over may bring new life to The Clarence which boasts an excellent restaurant as well as a riverside location on the Liffey.

Elizabeth Hurley's No 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel
Elizabeth Hurley’s No 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel Image by Cadogan Gardens

Elizabeth Hurley: Number 11 Cadogan Gardens

Actress Elizabeth Hurley owns this luxury boutique hotel in Knightsbridge in London, where the sumptuous décor, amid chandeliers and general extravagance, all bear the markings of her taste and touch. The hotel was originally four town-houses but now exists as one complex that has preserved many of the original Victorian features.

John Malkovich: The Big Sleep

John Malkovich is one of those celebrities that enjoys investing in the hospitality industry. In Lisbon he owns legendary nightclub Lux, and he also bizarrely co-owns the budget British hotel chain The Big Sleep, which has hotels in Cardiff, Cheltenham and Eastbourne.

Robert Redford's Sundance Resort
Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort Image by Sundance Resort

Robert Redford: Sundance Mountain Resort

The Sundance Mountain resort is the largest of the celebrity-owned resorts, owned by Robert Redford. The stunning mountain resort is located on the slopes of Mount Timpanogos in Utah and specialises in all sorts of outdoor activities such as horse riding, fly fishing, river rafting and skiing in the breath-taking scenery of the American southwest.

ABBA's Benny Anderson's Hotel Rival in Stockholm
ABBA’s Benny Anderson’s Hotel Rival in Stockholm Image by Rival

ABBA’s Benny Anderson: Hotel Rival

ABBA remains Sweden’s best known musical export, and in 2013 they were back in the news when Benny Andersson, one of the men in the band, opened Hotel Rival in Stockholm. The pared-back cool hotel is one of the best places to stay in the Swedish capital.