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Inside London's new vegan hotel suite

Vegan travellers are always on the lookout for the next best place to enjoy a plant-based meal, but now they can immerse themselves at a vegan hotel suite in London.

Inside the vegan hotel suite. Image by Hilton London Bankside

Hilton London Bankside has launched a new vegan suite, complete with vegan-friendly materials and products from the mini-bar to the pillow. The room was created with multi-sensory design experts Bompas & Parr as well with consultation from The Vegan Society, according to the hotel.

Would you spend the night in a vegan hotel suite? Image by Hilton London Bankside

The suite was completely refurbished, and everything from the carpets, pillows and mini-bar items have been updated for a vegan experience. That starts with guests stopping by a plant-based check-in desk, where they will be given a Piñatex keycard, which is natural leather made from the fibres of leaves.

Sample the menu of vegan food at the Hilton London Bankside. Image by Hilton London Bankside

The vegan features extend to the pillow options, which skip the down feathers in favour of pillows made with organic buckwheat or millet husks, or a memory foam pillow made with shredded bamboo fibres. The headboard and desk chair have also been made with Piñatex instead of real leather.

Naturally, the mini-bar will feature vegan treats, while the in-room menu will include vegan meals like potato hash, cucumber salad, cauliflower steak and five-bean dhal.

Spent the night in a vegan suite. Image by Hilton London Bankside

Since one of any travellers’ top concerns at a hotel is cleanliness, the housekeeping trolleys have also been updated with eco-friendly products, and non-toxic and non animal-tested cleaning products, according to Hilton. If you want to try out the vegan suite, it is already open for reservations.

Travellers in London will find that the city already offers up a wide variety of options for vegans, including fish-free ‘fish’ and chips, vegan fried ‘chicken’, and vegan avocado beer.