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Stargaze from a new trailer with a roof that opens to the sky

Travellers dreaming of their next road trip are in luck, as yet another new trailer has been revealed to start sparking your plans to hit the open road.

The trailer out on the road. Image by Lume

The LUME Traveler is a new trailer that offers up enough features to satisfy those looking for the basics: a double bed, a full stove and a solar panel – as well as boasting a roof that opens so you can gaze at the stars from the comfort of your bed.

The cooker on the back of the trailer. Image by Lume

Described as “relatively small and light”, the back of the Dutch-made trailer opens to reveal an outdoor stove with gas burners, a wash basin, a cooler and storage for everything you need to cook outside, providing a little taste of the camping life. Those who want the comfort of a full bed, but still maintain a connection to the outdoors will appreciate the roll-back roof, which also features a screen to keep out bugs.

The new Lume trailer opens up to a trailer in the back. Image by Lume

The Lume is available in three different styles. Lume No.1 is the original model and the one that will likely stir the most interest, as it boasts the stove, walls covered with natural wool felt to repel dirt, a teak floor and the opening roof. The Lume Basic provides the same trailer shape, but without the extra features. The Lume Shell comes empty, so that buyers can determine the layout for themselves, with the company suggesting it could even be used as a food truck. As a small company, the No.1 version of the trailer currently only has 50 available, with prices starting at €46,500. They can be ordered in Europe and the US, though shipping costs are extra. Learn more about the trailers here.

Sit outside the trailer. Image by Lume

A number of new trailers are being announced in the lead-up to the Dusseldorf Caravan Show, where companies will show off their newest caravans and RVs. Already some major names have revealed their newest products, like the new Volkswagen Grand California, an extra-large motorhome that features a large sleeping area and a huge bathroom.

Take the trailer out on the road. Image by Lume

Nissan also recently showed off its new pop-top electric camper at the Madrid Motor Show, while another addition to the camper world is the Hitch Hotel, a wheel-less trailer that attached to the back of your vehicle.