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Is this the cheapest camper on the market?

Dragging a big trailer behind you as you travel can prove cumbersome, but campers don’t come more compact than a new expandable, wheel-less trailer that is being introduced to the market by a Californian company. Called the Hitch Hotel, this new box attaches to your hitch (or tow bar) and securely stores mountain bikes, camping gear and other equipment, and then expands to provide a sleeping space for two to three adults.

It attaches to any vehicle with a minimum class 2 hitch. Image: Hitch Hotel

Designed for any vehicle with a minimum Class 2 hitch, the Hitch Hotel camper is wheel-free and totally suspended off the ground. In its closed position, the 240-pound watertight fibreglass box provides around 60 cubic feet of storage. Once you get to where you want to camp, the box uses telescoping technology to reveal a sleeping cabin of over 135 cubic feet – bigger than a queen-sized bed. – saving you accommodation costs.

The sleep space is bigger than a queen-sized bed. Image: Hitch Hotel

Set up takes just minutes, and it has two interior vented windows and a roof fan. Other features include a lockable door, a USB port, a 12V light and tail-lights for towing. Once you’re finished using it, you simply back it into your garage and store it in less than three feet of space.

The Hitch Hotel expands to provide a sleeping space for two to three adults. Image: Hitch Hotel

Hitch Hotel will retail for $4499 (€3857) plus tax and shipping, but it is currently available on Kickstarter at discounted rates. Some of the rewards for those who support it include custom paint options to match your vehicle’s colour, and custom decals to complete its personalised style.

Set up takes minutes and it uses telescoping technology. Image: Hitch Hotel

Now that the funding target has been reached, manufacturing is set to begin in California this month, and it is hoped that the first batch of Hitch Hotels will ship in September.

The Hitch Hotel could be the smallest camper on the market. Image: Hitch Hotel

For more information, visit here or see the Kickstarter here.