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A royal wedding themed pop up bar is open in Washington DC

Have a case of Harry and Meghan #fomo? Drink Company, the team behind an ongoing series of Washington, D.C. pop up bars themed around Game of Thrones, cherry blossoms, Halloween and Christmas, returns with one celebrating this month’s Royal Wedding.

The bars are set to open at 7 am on the morning of the wedding. Image by Karlin Villondo Photography

From 4-20 May, the trio of bars (three bars all connected from the inside so really it’s just one big bar)  will be decked out in family crests and a throne room; they’ll open at 7am on 19 May, with 100% of the proceeds that day going to the Invictus Games Foundation, of which Prince Harry is a patron.

“The Royals are like a TV show that’s been going on for centuries, we’ve followed their stories, watched them make history, celebrated their babies and their weddings,” muses CEO Angie Fetherston. “They have the power to unite us with their amazing love stories or tremendous moments of mourning.”

Anyone for a ‘God Save the Queen’ cocktail? Image by Karlin Villondo Photography

The space will recreate the interior of St. George’s Chapel with replicas of the vaulted ceiling and columns, faux stained glass windows with coats of arms, regal red and gilded touches and copies of the heraldic standards. The last element has Fetherston most excited, specifically the Order of the Garter. Britain’s most prestigious order of chivalry, which can have at most twenty-four living members selected by the sovereign, currently includes sole female (and “super-badass”) Eliza Manningham-Buller, the former head of MI5. There’s even a mailbox for guests to send wishes to the couple which the British Embassy will deliver to Kensington Palace.

Strawberry Cuppa is like a Rob Roy with strawberry vermouth. Image by Karlin Villondo Photography

Head of bar concepts Paul Taylor designed the eleven original libations, meant to mimic drinks you might sip throughout a reception. Cocktail hour-friendly Strawberry Cuppa is like a Rob Roy with strawberry vermouth; refreshing American Princess (gin, honey, lemon, blackcurrant and sparkling water) would be crushable on the dance floor; and the after-party calls for the pick me up As Is Tradition, a take on the Espresso Martini with Guinness and cold brew.

Kensington Garden Party’ is one of 11 original cocktails Image by Karlin Villondo Photography

So what would Taylor serve to the royal couple if they walked through the doors? He’d stir God Save the Queen for Harry, a Martini garnished with a gold crown, “similar in style to what his grandmother drinks, bracing and balanced to take the nerves off before the big day.” And the Markle Sparkle, with Aperol, rose cider and sparkling water (garnished with glitter, ‘natch), is fit for an aperitif-loving princess.

The bars are located at 1843 7th St NW Washington, DC 20001.

Words:  Kelly Magyarics