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Bring Your Own Dog to New York City's very first canine café in Manhattan

Tell your pals to bring their puppies: Manhattan’s first Department of Health-approved dog café and boutique is set to open this December. While cat cafés-cum-adoption centers sprung up all over the city last year, there has been no indoor space for coffee lovers to relax with their pups thus far.

The cafe for dog owners is set to open later in the year. Image by Getty

Boris & Horton is the brainchild of father-daughter duo, Coppy and Logan Holzman, and is aptly named after their own pooches. As per Department of Health guidelines, the East Village eatery will be divided into two sections by a glass wall. Imagine it as a Starbucks/PetCo hybrid if you will, albeit with a more personalised touch.

On one side, Boris & Horton will offer “upscale coffee and treats” New York native Logan Holzman told Lonely Planet News. The duo has partnered with Brooklyn-roasted City of Saints coffee, and there will be a multitude of light snacks available for both dog and owner. Wine and beer will also be served.

New York gets its first dog café
Coppy and Logan with their dogs Boris and Horton. Image by: Boris & Horton

On the opposite side, you are free to cuddle with critters in the canine lounging area and make use of the photo booth, while specialised staff are on hand to offer advice on everything from products to training methods. Though Boris & Horton is “BYOD” (bring your own dog) – those looking to adopt their own are also encouraged to check out the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue events which will take place in the space on weekends.

“We’re dog lovers and animal rescue advocates so you’ll often find Boris & Horton hosting adoption events and fundraisers with the hope that many dogs find their forever homes here,” Holzman said.Should you have a four-legged friend celebrating a milestone birthday, Boris & Horton are stepping up to help organise the occasion. From dog goodies to birthday cakes and personalised gifts like embroidered bandanas, they hope to have the puppy-party niche covered.

Until the café opens its doors on the corner of East 12th and Avenue A, you will find Logan hiking with Horton a terrier mix, or Coppy sunbathing on the beach with Boris the pit-bull.