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Italy is offering a new app that will give free Wi-Fi without needing pesky passwords

A new app has been launched by the Italian government that allows users to link up with Wi-Fi networks across the country in a quicker and easier way than before. The app is the first step in an effort to make Italian internet more accessible to locals and travellers alike, with plans currently in place for the expansion of network coverage over the next few years.

A couple looking at smartphones in Rome
The app aims to make it easier than ever for tourists and locals to get online. Image by piola666

Called wifi.italia.it, the app allows users to quickly access Wi-Fi spots without having to find the username and password for each specific location. Users that register on the app only have to log in one time, with their information being protected following the initial authentication. The idea behind the app is to make life easier for locals and tourists alike when visiting busy areas and popular public spaces such as railway stations, museums, hotels, restaurants and piazzas.

Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Dario Franceschini described the app as, “an indispensable tool for tourism,” and also said that better Wi-Fi coverage will offer a great opportunity to help promote widespread tourism, linking prospective travellers with a wealth of cultural information and the chance to easily explore different regions.

The app is free to download, and comes with both Italian and English options. So far it has been rolled out in places such as Tuscany, Rome, Milan, Bari and Bologna.

A woman on a moped in Rome using a smartphone
The app currently works in places such as Tuscany, Rome, Milan, Bari and Bologna. Image by Cultura RM Exclusive/Ben Pipe Photography

While the app is still in its infancy, some Italian journalists have reported problems with connectivity in some regions. Troubleshooting, as well as the expansion of areas covered, is thought to be dealt with in forthcoming updates of the app throughout the next few months.

The app is available now on iTunes, App Store and Google Play. More information about it is available at the official wifi.italia.it website.