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Bag-free travel and mindfulness safaris - the latest trends shaping travel

Bag-free travel, micro-adventures and co-living nomads are just some of the latest trends shaping travel, according to a new report.

Shot of a young couple having a glass of wine after a long day of travelling.
Shot of a young couple having a glass of wine after a long day of travelling.
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Euromonitor International, which provides travel market analysis, released its 2016 WTM Global Trends Report, that reveals how the travel industry is developing. There were a number of key “emerging travel trends” found in the report. One is bag-free travel, with the report noting that travellers, often millennials, are looking to leave the suitcase behind and instead rent clothes and other necessities when they are on holidays. To make that a reality, hotel and fashion brands are teaming up to make it happen, as the “sharing economy” moves beyond car and home rentals. There are event start-ups like UnPack, that will deliver clothes, accessories and toiletries to travellers on holiday so they don’t need to bring them with them.

Another trend noted in the report is “micro-adventures”, as travellers who are short on time hope to take small and achievable trips. One example of that is the “bleisure” trip, where business travellers tack on an extra night or two to have a fun, leisure trip.

The pool area in the Ubud Roam centre.
The pool area in the Ubud Roam centre. Photo by Roam

As more people work primarily online, the popularity of the digital nomad lifestyle, or people who travel around and work as they travel, is becoming more popular, and with it, the popularity of “co-living spaces”. One example is the start-up Roam, where travel lovers can sign an apartment lease to live around the world in a variety of cities when the company has accommodation.

The report also broke out certain trends based on regions, such as the rise of tourism start-ups aimed at helping women in India travel, mindfulness safaris in Africa that include meditation and yoga, and the promotion of hiking trails in the Middle East.