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One photographer is documenting the surprisingly beautiful doors of the world

Travelling can often present us with surprising beauty in unexpected places. One photographer turned that surprise into a stunning collection of beautiful ‘Doors of the World’.

Doors of the World - Spain. Andre's recent trip to Barcelona was sponsored by Pesquisa Viagens travel agency.
Doors of the World – Spain. Andre’s recent trip to Barcelona was sponsored by Pesquisa Viagens travel agency. Image by André Vicente Gonçalves

Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves is already known for his ongoing Windows of the World project, documenting the unique window designs around Europe. Now his attention has turned to the heart of every building facade; the doors.

Doors of the World - Portugal
Doors of the World – Portugal. Image by André Vicente Gonçalves

The differences between the doors of each country are beautiful examples of culturally influenced design. André told Lonely Planet that “as a traveler I try to find inspiration in all the places and countries I visit, visualizing and learning from the differences in their culture and architecture. In this case, from the observation of the different doors around the world.”

Doors of the World - Romania
Doors of the World – Romania. Image by André Vicente Gonçalves

His photo collages of Portugal, Spain, Romania and England offer a unique architectural perspective into a country’s design and André believes travellers can learn more about the countries they visit by paying attention to the everyday surroundings.

For him, details like the windows and doors of a building can bring us greater understanding of the country they’re situated in. “We can learn a lot about their culture by looking to the small details in architecture and the materials they use.”

Doors of the World - England.
Doors of the World – England. Image by André Vicente Gonçalves

André will continue to travel to beautiful regions of the world in the hope of documenting their unique architectural elements. Keep an eye out on his website for his upcoming trip to the Azores region of Portugal, which is even sponsored by Azores Tourism.

The project should inspire you to look up and around while strolling through foreign cities, or even your own hometown. You might be rewarded with a fresh insight into the small details that create the big picture of a city.