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Get the 'ultimate sleep' in this NYC hotel with ice-cream and NASA technology

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but for a limited time, guests at one of its hotels have a chance to get the most restful night of their lives. Recently unveiled at The Gregory Hotel, the specially designed “Ultimate Sleep Room” harnesses futuristic technology that includes lights developed in association with NASA and sleep-promoting ice cream.

The room has been specially designed to offer a restful night's sleep.
The room has been specially designed to offer a restful night’s sleep. Image by Image Source

Available to book until April 10, the Ultimate Sleep Room was inspired by National Sleep Awareness Week this month, and comes complete with sleep-friendly ice cream designed by sleep scientists to be eaten at bedtime. Free from all sleep disruptive ingredients, it includes minerals, protein sources, fibres, sugars, enzymes and amino acids that decrease the likelihood of interruption to a sleep cycle. The specially designed eco-friendly mattress that guests sleep on was designed for comfort and support, and is even infused with a foam for optimal temperature management.

Guests can pamper themselves with sleep-promoting ice cream and special eye gels before climbing under a weighted blanket. Image by The Gregory

The futuristic, sleep-positive technology doesn’t stop there, as the room also includes special light bulbs that support the natural sleep cycle. Originally developed in partnership with NASA to help support the circadian rhythms of the astronauts while working aboard the International Space Station, the spectrum technology not only improves the overall quality and length of sleep, it has also been designed to help guests fall asleep faster once they get in bed. Guests can also pamper themselves with restorative anti-aging night eye gel that soothes tired eyes to sleep, before crawling beneath a special weight blanket.

“The reaction has been great. Visitors have said that they experience a deep night’s sleep…despite being placed in the middle of New York City’s midtown,” a spokesperson for The Gregory Hotel told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Rates start at $199 per night. More information on booking is available at The Gregory’s official website.