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Frequent fliers could fall in love on a flight with this new app

Finding the love of your life at high altitude might seem like an impossible feat but a travel app wants to help by introducing a new feature that will help you get to know your fellow passengers a little better.

Finding love in the air could become much easier thanks to a new app feature. Image by Getty

It used to be that if you hoped to meet a potential paramour you’d head to a bar with friends and hope for the best. But advances in technology and a host of new apps have changed the way we date. You don’t need to wait in line at a bar. You don’t even need to leave the house. You can just swipe right or left on your phone and see what happens next.

For frequent fliers who find themselves constantly zipping from one city to the next, there’s a new app feature which will make it more convenient to find a fling, even at 32,000 feet above sea level. App in the Air, a mobile flight tracking and airport assistant, introduced a new matchmaking service which acts as a connective launch pad for passengers on the same flight or in the same airport.

The app has a new tool which allows fellow passengers to contact each other directly. Image by App in the Air

Normally the app provides real-time flight updates, TSA wait times, gate changes, boarding times and also logs users’ frequent flier miles. With the new messaging tool, App in the Air uses geolocation so that users can also connect with one another directly. So if you see someone on your flight who catches your fancy, you can drop them a line to see if you have anything else in common besides a love of in-flight snacks.

Of course, the new feature isn’t just intended for dating purposes. Solo travellers who want to split the cost of a cab into the city can connect with others on their flight who might appreciate the gesture. Fellow passengers can share tips on where the best place is to grab a coffee nearby if there’s a flight delay or offer tips on what to do if the flight is cancelled.

The app feature will help passengers share useful information. Image by Mike Kemp/Getty Images

The App in the Air mobile app is free to download for iOS and Android.