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Inside the Airbnbs that are on the most travellers' wish lists

Whether you are looking to spend the night in a treehouse, cave or yurt, plenty of options can be found on Airbnb. Now, to mark its 10 year anniversary, the rental site has revealed some of the unique homes that have dazzled users and ended up on the highest number of travellers’ wish-lists.

A home in Kotor, Montenegro. Image by Airbnb

Gaze out at the water from this home in Kotor, Montenegro

This incredible home was wish listed 52,964 times, as travellers are clearly dreaming of the spectacular waterfront terrace that offers up a view of two islands in the Bay of Kotor.

An incredible palace home in Marrakesh, Morroco. Image by Airbnb

Admire the details at this riad in  Marrakech, Morocco

A completely restored riad was wish-listed more than 59,838 times – not surprising as, apart from the beautiful rooms, guests can enjoy a courtyard with banana trees and a terrace with views of the horizon.

An off-the-grid home in California. Image by Airbnb

Get off the grid in a desert in Yucca Valley, CA, USA

With more than 63,669 users adding it to their wish-list, this off-the-grid doesn’t even have Wi-Fi. But that’s all the more reason to enjoy the glass windows, which show off the beautiful desert view.

A bamboo cottage in Bali, Indonesia. Image by Airbnb

Relax in a bamboo eco-retreat in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Located in a rice field on the popular island of Bali, this bamboo cottage has made its way onto the wish-lists of 65,644 Airbnb users. The open-air cottage will mean you get to truly experience the beautiful scenery.

A tropical treehouse in Hawaii. Image by Airbnb

Climb into a dreamy treehouse in Fern Forest, Hawaii

There are 66,336 users who want to make their treehouse dreams a reality in this Hawaiian jungle canopy. This incredible home is found just on the outskirts of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

A stone villa in Crete, Greece. Image by Airbnb

Step inside a stone villa in Crete, Greece

It’s not hard to see why 76,658 users wish-listed this incredible home, which is built into a cave of natural rock. But spending the night in a cave doesn’t mean you’ll give up on luxuries, and guests can step out onto a balcony with views of the Kissamos bay.

A eco-home in Bali, Indonesia. Image by Airbnb

Hideout in the mountains in an eco-home in Bali, Indonesia

Hidden in the mountains of Gunung Agung volcano, this all-bamboo home offers a chance to get far away from it all. It has been wish-listed 77,177 times, and is so popular that anyone interested in booking needs to plan six months in advance.

A romantic cabana in Armenia, Colombia. Image by Airbnb

Admire the view from a romantic cabana in Armenia, Colombia

Coffee lovers take note – this beautiful cabana in Colombia’s coffee region has been wish-listed 99,622 times. From the bamboo cabana, guests can explore a bamboo forest and organic farm.

A home in Santorini. Image by Airbnb

Sleep in a former wine cellar on a cliff in Santorini, Greece

This cave was originally used as a wine cellar, which has been enough to earn it a place on 133,869 wish-lists. From the private veranda, guests can enjoy stunning views of Santorini.

A conical home in Ostuni, Italy. Image by Airbnb

Spend the night in a unique home in Ostuni, Italy

If you want to stay in one of the most coveted homes on Airbnb, look no further than the unique conical home in Italy. The home, which has seven cones on its roof, has made it on 164,444 wish lists.