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This job will take you to an idyllic Greek island to take care of cats

Getting a job on a beautiful Greek island is a dream come true for many people, but only true cat-lovers need apply to a job that requires moving to the island to care for more than 50 cats.

Spend your days caring for kitties. Image by God’s Little People Cat Rescue

God’s Little People Cat Rescue has posted a job advert on Facebook listing the perfect role for someone who truly loves cats – with the note that “this is genuine and NOT a joke.” Located on the island of Syros in the Cyclades, the cat sanctuary is in need of a new caretaker while the owner is away. Joan Bowell notes that she is looking for “for a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company.”

The new caretaker – who would ideally be a veterinary nurse – would need to meet the daily needs of 55 cats, including caring for, feeding and medicating them. The caretaker will earn a salary as well as getting to stay in a semi-detached tiny house with a garden and a view of the Aegean Sea. According to the listing, the job is part-time and the pay reflects that, but the home will be fully paid for.

Ermoupoli town on Syros island in Greece. Image by ©Milan Gonda/Shutterstock

The applicant must be able to drive a manual car, as the cats may have to be driven to the vet in case of an emergency. The ad notes that the job is “most suitable for someone 45+ years of age, who’s responsible, reliable, honest, practically inclined – and really, with a heart of gold.”

The successful applicant will need to be available for a minimum of six months. At first, the applicant will need to volunteer for two to four weeks with free accommodation, before the paid role begins on 1 November. The interviews will be conducted via Skype and if it sounds like the perfect way to spend the next year of your life, read the full job listing here.

The island of Syros is the administrative capital of the Cyclades group and is a popular spot for those looking to escape the crowds. Find out what to do on Syros here.