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Explore the Croatian coastline and islands in an UberBoat

The sparkling Croatian coastline opens up to more than 1000 islands, giving travellers a chance to explore many facets of the country as they hop from isle to isle.

Take an UberBoat around Croatia’s islands. Image by UberBoat

Now, as summer returns and tourists descend on the Balkan hot spot, travellers can get to their desired destination by speedboat, using the ride-hailing Uber app. While Croatia has a ferry system that takes passengers between the mainland and its ever-popular islands, some travellers may find they want the luxury and flexibility of hiring a boat. Uber debuted its boat feature in Croatia last summer and, according to the company, was used by people from more than 39 countries.

With the return of UberBoat, tourists and locals are able to take either a one-way transfer or a use the service for a sight-seeing boat trip. The one-way transfers allow for a maximum of eight people to head between the mainland and islands, or between islands, for an average price of €350 (US$406). For example, travellers can travel straight from the airport in Split to the island of Hvar without being tied to the ferry schedule.

If you don’t have a destination in mind, you can also just book a boat trip for however long you wish, as you head out on a sight-seeing adventure with a personal boat driver. It’s billed as an easy way to explore beaches, coves and caves that travellers might not find or be able to get to otherwise, like the Green Cave on Vis.

Take an UberBoat around Croatia’s islands. Image by UberBoat

UberBoat travels to these destinations. The boats depart only from dedicated pick-up points located on the coast and from designated islands. Uber states that all the service providers are licensed boat captains and have valid licences for occasional commercial maritime transportation.