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These are Europe's most convenient airports for transfers into their respective cities

It’s always a relief to land at your destination airport, but your heart can sink if you discover that reaching the city centre is inconvenient and/or costly. To assist in planning your city break, GoEuro, the platform for comparing and booking trains, buses and flights across Europe, has analysed more than 70 European airports to rank the fastest and cheapest transfers to their respective city centres.

Europe’s most convenient airports have been revealed and Nice is number one. Image: Valery Bareta/Getty Images

This research allows travellers to plan their holiday, assessing distance, duration and price from the terminal to the city. The results reveal that transfer fares range from 64p/72c to £25/€28.25 and journey times vary from five to 85 minutes. Coming in first place for the most convenient airport is Nice Côte d’Azur, with a five-minute transfer time costing just £1.59/€1.80.

Prague from Powder Tower. Image by Jiuguang Wang / CC BY-SA 2.0

Prague and Amsterdam proved to be amongst the most convenient city break destinations, both securing places in the top 10 airports with transfer times taking less than 15 minutes and costing no more than £4. These cities have also increased in popularity since last summer, based on GoEuro’s August Hotlist, which tracks popularity increases year-on-year.

The Eiffel Tower In Paris. Image: Seng Chye Teo/Getty Images

The research also shows that, despite an expensive journey from Paris airport to the city centre, travellers are not put off by time or cost as the French capital holds the number one city break title. Lanzarote and Malaga have come out as the top choices for those wanting to maximise their time on holiday and not waste time travelling from the airport to the beach.

Europe’s most convenient airports have been revealed and Lanzarote comes second. Image: mf-guddyx

The Ten Most Convenient European Airport Transfers

  1. Nice Côte d’Azur, five-minute transfer from £1.59/€1.80
  2. Lanzarote, ten-minute transfer from £1.24/€1.41
  3. Birmingham, nine-minute transfer from £2.90/€3.29
  4. Málaga-Costa del Sol, 12-minute transfer from £1.59/€1.80
  5. Frankfurt, ten-minute transfer from £4.24/€4.81
  6. Nürnberg, 12-minute transfer from £2.65/€3.01
  7. Cologne Bonn, 13-minute transfer from £2.12/€2.41
  8. Prague, 15-minute transfer from £0.79/€0.90
  9. Leipzig-Halle, 13-minute transfer from £3.97/€4.50
  10. Amsterdam Schiphol, 14-minute transfer from £3.71/€4.21