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Travel search engine makes it easy to plan a vacation at your desk and look like you’re working

If your job has you sitting at a desk all day, it’s only natural your mind might drift to how you’re going to use your leftover vacation days. Thankfully you’re not alone; it turns out the majority of workers in the US are going beyond daydreaming and planning their trip during the work day.

Plan your vacation and make it look like you're working with a new function from Kayak.
Plan your vacation and make it look like you’re working with a new function from Kayak. Image by Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images

Travel search engine Kayak found that 57% of people surveyed plan their vacation during the workday – though most often during their lunch hour. The most popular time for planning is between 11 am and 12 pm, when Kayak sees a spike in searches. According to their survey, two-thirds of work-time travel-planners do so on their desktop, while one-third keep their vacation plans on their cell phone.

Kayak at Work.
Kayak at Work. Image by Kayak

With so many undercover travel planners, the company has introduced Kayak @ Work, a new desktop search option that mimics a spreadsheet, so you can make it look like you are hard a work while you’re really dreaming of using that next vacation day. Unfortunately, the feature only works in the US, so overseas travel planners will have to go back to looking over their shoulders to make sure the boss isn’t coming.  

Kayak infographic.
Kayak infographic. Image by Kayak