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The best and worst US airports for flight deals, according to experts

There are endless tips and tricks for getting the cheapest flights, from the best day of the week or even the best hour to buy. But it turns out, you may just need to be flying out of the right airport. 

The experts over at Scott’s Cheap Flights – which sends out an email newsletter with flight deals – found out which airports offer travelers the most deals. Not all airports are equal when it comes to saving money – bigger airports have more airlines and competition on routes, driving down prices and leading to sales. To determine the airports with the best deals on international flights, the company looked at metro areas with a population of a million people and how many deals are sent out departing from the airports in the previous year. 

Entrance Sign to Los Angeles International Airport Image by ©Fuse/Getty Images

Here are the five best airports for deals: 

1 – John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City

2 – Los Angeles International Airport

3 – General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport in Boston

4 – San Francisco International Airport

5 – Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey 

Here are the five worst airports for deals: 

1 – Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina 

2 – Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City, Florida 

3 – Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan

4 – Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, Virginia

5 – Albany International Airport in Albany, New York 

Most of the best airports won’t come as a surprise, as they are in well-served metropolitan areas. However, even if you live near one of the worst places, Scott’s Cheap Flights still has some advice on how to get deals departing from those airports.