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The retro TWA Hotel at JFK is taking reservations

An airport hotel is a great place to stay if you’re getting ready to travel, but a new hotel at New York City’s JFK will allow guests to travel back in time to the 1960s.

The retro interior of the TWA Hotel. Image by Max Touhey

A defunct airport terminal at New York City’s JFK airport has been transformed into the glamorous TWA Hotel, and now it is taking reservations before opening this spring.

The retro interiors of the hotel are sure to attract fans. Image by Max Touhey

The hotel is located in the former TWA Flight Centre, an incredible mid-century modern airport terminal that is sure to inspire fans of retro architecture and design. The building opened back in 1962, but closed in 2001 after TWA merged with American Airlines.

The interior of the new TWA Hotel. Image by Max Touhey

Luckily for those who remember the terminal – or just want to relive the 60s experience – the 512-room hotel will give travellers a chance to stay inside while putting them close to JFK. The guest rooms will have views of the runways – perfect for anyone who loves plane spotting. If you’re worried about noise, the hotel will feature a glass curtain wall, the second-thickest in the world, after the wall at the US embassy in London, according to the hotel. That will block out the sounds from the runway, so travellers can sleep well.

The historic airport terminal has been transformed into a hotel. Image by Max Touhey

Film buffs will be able to enter their rooms through the iconic flight tubes that were featured in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can. Travellers who just want to relax can head to the 10,000-square-foot rooftop observation deck with a pool.

For anyone looking to relax, they can head to the six restaurants or eight bars, or work out at a fitness facility with yoga, spinning and more. For history lovers, there is a museum dedicated to the jet age, TWA and mid-century modern design. Interested? Find out more about reservations here.