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Ryanair is bringing back its private jet experience, but food and drink are extra

If you fancy travelling with a bit of comfort, Ryanair has announced that its corporate 737 jet is back in service for the winter season. It is offering its Boeing 737-700 for corporate and group hire, and the great news is that you can enjoy a generous baggage allowance while reclining in one of the 60 business class leather seats.

Ryanair’s corporate jet charter has 60 reclining, leather seats. Image: Ryanair

This will be good news for passengers who take issue with the airline’s controversial new policy of allowing passengers to take just one small bag onboard for free. Passengers on the corporate jet can bring two pieces of check-in luggage and two pieces of hold luggage, so there will be no need for passengers to go to the lengths of squeezing the contents of a cabin bag into their coats to cheat the baggage charge, like one man recently did.

The exterior of Ryanair’s corporate jet. Image: Ryanair

Crewed by Ryanair pilots and cabin crew, the jet can fly for distances of up to six hours. The seat pitch is 48 inches and seats are configured two by two. It also offers fine dining catering facilities, with a choice of bronze, silver and gold “packages.”  Passengers still have to pay for their food and drink, and the packages range in price from €15/£15 to €45/£45 per person According to Ryanair, the jet has enjoyed great demand since they first launched it in February 2016.

Ryanair’s corporate jet charter has 60 leather seats in a two-by-two configuration. Image: Ryanair

“In this past year, the Ryanair corporate jet was booked by many prestigious clients from Champions League soccer teams to world famous pop stars, who enjoyed an unbeatable Ryanair corporate jet service and excellent rates,” says Ryanair’s Robin Kiely.

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