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BBC's Sherlock is getting its own escape room and it promises to be epic

London is set to get an incredible new escape room that could set a new standard. Sherlock: The Game is Now is based on the enormously popular BBC series and will open in December this year.

The escape room features the BBC cast. Photo by BBC/Hartswood Films

The escape room promises fans a completely immersive experience that will transport them into the iconic sets of 221b Baker Street for 90 minutes while they solve the puzzle. There are thousands of different escape rooms all over the world but this one is proving particularly exciting as the story has been written by the writers behind the BBC series, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

It will also feature the series’ cast, including superstars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The immensely popular series has had four seasons but the possibility of a fifth remains up in the air, with one of the writers saying if it does happen, it will be years away. In the meantime, this game could help tide anticipation over.

The exact story is, of course, a mystery to be solved when you enter the game but players will be invited to step into Sherlock’s shoes as he goes missing while London suffers an epidemic of break-ins. You’ll be asked to volunteer your eyes and wits to assist The Network, an international web of spies.

With December tickets already sold out, tickets are now on sale through to May 2019 and fans are advised to book early as the vast majority of slots are already booked up for January. If all that clue-solving makes you hungry, you can add on a themed afternoon tea to enjoy after your game, which includes sandwiches, scones and sweet desserts.

The game is played in a team of four to six people but if you don’t have enough to fill a team, you can sign up to a public slot and be placed with other people. Sherlock: The Game is Now is priced at £54 per person for the standard ticket and with the interest being enormous, there will be five games running simultaneously. Bookings are open online now.