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Have you flown on one of the most tech-friendly airlines in the world?

Having good technology facilities onboard airplanes has become increasingly important to travellers who rely on their digital devices for work and entertainment while on the move. A new study by airline ticketing and hotel booking service, Traveloka, has examined how ‘tech friendly’ 50 airlines operating long-haul flights are, and how they compare around having Wi-Fi on board, power points and how well passengers can stay connected while flying via text messages, phone calls and live TV.

The most tech-friendly airlines have been revealed.  Image by Joel Guay/Shodanphotos/Getty Images

The results show that Qatar Airways came top of the list, and was praised for its ‘super Wi-Fi’ which was launched earlier this year. It was followed by Emirates, which was noted for an in-flight entertainment offering that includes 3500 channels of movies, TV shows, music, games and live TV, and Delta Air Lines, which scored highly for its free mobile messaging service. The rest of the top ten was comprised of 4. British Airways 5. JetBlue Airways 6. Cathay Pacific 7. Alaska Airlines 8. Turkish Airlines 9. Etihad Airlines and 10. Eva Air.

Two teenager on business class seats in airplane
Airlines were rated on having wi-fi on board, power points and how well passengers can stay connected while flying. Image by Ulrike Schmitt-Hartmann/Getty Images

“It’s not unreasonable to assume the airlines with the best reputation or most expensive seats will offer the best in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi, but our research proves this isn’t always the case,” says Caesar Indra, SVP for business development at Traveloka. “In fact, some budget-friendly carriers, such as JetBlue Airways, are going above and beyond to guarantee their customers reliable connectivity. Across the board, we’re seeing airlines striving to gain a competitive edge by making improvements to their tech offerings.”

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Traveloka has compiled a list of the top 50 how ‘tech-friendly’ airlines around the world.

Check out the full set of rankings in further detail here.