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London food exhibition is inspired by Instagram and 'Bake Off'

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is set to launch an exciting exhibition as part of their 2019 programme that will whet the appetite of foodies everywhere.

The Victoria & Albert Museum has taken inspiration from the trend of documenting food online with the subject of its new exhibition – food. Image by Shutterstock

The exhibition, simply titled Food, will explore how our relationship with food has evolved through the ages; from using food for fuel to the current obsession of documenting our food on Instagram and our love of cooking shows such as Masterchef and Bake Off. Food has become a national, cultural obsession in Britain and the museum’s director, Tristram Hunt, said the exhibition will tap into that fascination.

The exhibition will also look to the future and critically examine how we will grow and eat as the global population expands and will examine how the choices we make now can lead to a more sustainable future. “Tastings” will be provided throughout the exhibition, although it won’t be the “full Willy Wonka experience” and visitors will be taken on an immersive journey that explores radical experiments in food design and futuristic technologies from synthetic meat to urban farming and mind-boggling gastronomic experiments.

Loci Food Lab is part of a new exhibition at the V&A. Image by © The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

Other exhibitions to look out for in 2019 include a retrospective of Welsh designer and Swinging Sixties icon, Mary Quant. The exhibition will feature over 200 items from the museum’s archive and Quant’s personal collection, the majority of which have never been on public display.

Another fashion-focused exhibition arriving next year will look at the fantasy-filled work of fashion photographer Tim Walker. The V&A will also host the largest exhibition in the UK on the fashion house Dior in February 2019.

The museum enjoyed a record year in 2014 and saw more than 4.4 million people visit the V&A and its associated museums, Blythe House and the Museum of Childhood in 2016. The increase in visitor numbers was helped by the success of its Pink Floyd Show, which surpassed David Bowie to become the museum’s most popular music exhibition.

Check out the V&A’s website for more information on its 2019 programme.