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Not making the most of your free time? How to live like a traveller every day

Even though you might mentally be ready to take a trip, often there are factors – like time or funds – standing in the way of that next big adventure. But being stuck close to home doesn’t mean you have to stop living like a traveller.

Explore the magic places in your own backyard. Image by miodrag ignjatovic/Getty Images

New research collected for Lonely Planet found that 52% of people agree that they don’t make the most of their free time. In fact, seven out of 10 respondents who work or study say they rarely or never try out a new activity during the work day – though that may be because only 36% say they are able to take a full lunch break every day.

When you’re travelling, popping into a gallery or trying out a new food is an expected part of exploration. But these adventures can be had any day, even in your own neighbourhood. Many people have an appetite for these sort of experiences, as two in five people surveyed agreed they want to know more about their local area. To make that a reality – and introduce some excitement along the way – Lonely Planet is encouraging people to take part in an “everyday adventure”.

Explore another side of a city like Hong Kong. Image by visualspace/Getty Images

On 28 June, readers can find out how to try out nine everyday adventures where they live, and take a quiz on what microadventure is best suited to them on the Explore Every Day hub. You can also share your activities on social media using the hashtag #everydayadventures. If this sounds like the perfect way to inject the magic of travel into your day, a new guide, Everyday Adventures, will outline 50 new ways to experience your local area and to discover a new side to where you live or work. It’s available from 1 July and includes ideas on how to take inspiration from food, music and books, forays into local history and art, how to follow your senses to discover something new.

Tom Hall, editorial director at Lonely Planet, explains, “Even if you are short of time, just by making some tiny changes to your daily routine, you can open up the world around you. Whether you are at home, at work, or overseas, it’s possible to explore every day. You could, for example, set your alarm clock a little earlier than usual and take an inventive route to work, allowing yourself to soak up some sights along the way. Or why not stop off at a church or garden you normally walk straight past?”