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Vermont will pay $10,000 to remote workers who will relocate there

If you’re tired of working in a grey concrete jungle and have some flexibility in your location, you may want to start Googling pictures of stunning Vermont. The state government has just launched a new scheme that will pay remote workers up to $10,000 to relocate there.

Pretty Vermont has long been a favorite of weekend visitors. Photo by Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The scheme will be available on a strictly first-come first-served basis beginning on 1 January 2019. Every successful applicant will be eligible to receive up to $5000 annually for two years in order to cover the costs of relocation. These could also be used for the purchase of new equipment, technology facilities or subscription to co-working spaces.

According to the scheme, you will still retain employment with your out-of-state job while boosting the state’s population. Upon signing the deal into law, state governor Phil Scott stated simply: “We have a demographic problem in this state. We need more people.”

The scheme offers an opportunity to attract young, mobile workers to the state. Photo by Oscar Wong

Already there has been huge interest in the deal. So far the scheme has been earmarked to run for at least three years and with a total spend of half a million dollars.

Vermont is the second-least populated state in the USA with just 623,960 inhabitants according to the latest statistics; Wyoming is the only one with less at 573,720. Since the initiative is aimed at remote workers, it’s most likely that young people will be the ones to take up the offer, potentially giving the state a long-term boost in numbers.

The state has long been a paradise for nature lovers. Photo by drewthehobbit/Shutterstock

If you’re not entirely sure whether a permanent move to Vermont is for you, a tourism board initiative called ‘Stay to Stay’ is hoping to persuade many weekend visitors to make the leap and call the state their home.

In 2019 they will run specific long weekends hosted in three different picturesque communities. Saturday and Sunday are given as free days to explore and enjoy your mini-vacation while on Friday evening and all through Monday there will be opportunities to network with prospective employers, local entrepreneurs, community leaders or even visit some houses that are on the market.

This article was published 7 June 2018 and updated 17 January 2019.