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This Brooklyn bar will serve you a cocktail based on your zodiac sign

Pork buns for Pisces and cocktails for Capricorns: whatever your sign, this watering hole has you covered. The recently unveiled Mood Ring is the latest bar to open in Brooklyn, this time it is an astrology-themed bar which will pay homage to the relevant star sign of the month with a rotating cocktail list.

The astrology inspired cocktail bar. Image by Mood Ring

That being said, Chinese-American owners Vanessa Li and Bowen Goh are slow to make references too obvious. Instead, you’ll find subtle hints to characteristics and personalities associated with various signs, infused with tarot card, planet and star motifs throughout. Collaborating with Li and Goh on the design front are well known Brooklyn creatives Rebecca Campbell (of Norbert’s Pizza and Rebecca’s) and artist Lisa Larson-Walker. Aside from Larson-Walker’s eye-catching tarot card mural, one of the bar’s most striking aesthetic elements is the Milky Way-inspired red bar counter which spans the entire back room.

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Astrology aside, for the bar’s enchanting interior, Li and Goh also took inspiration from their obsession with film history. The Hong Kong-based movie In The Mood for Love was the jumping-off point for the bar’s name, and a quote from the film has been used for a neon light fixture. Mood Ring’s Myrtle Avenue location means it is situated right in the heart of Bushwick, the emerging creative neighborhood located not far from Williamsburg. This was entirely intentional, as the co-owners are keen to foster the type of creative community they experienced on a recent trip to Berlin.

The very stylish ‘Gucci Belt’ cocktail. Image by Mood Ring

When in Germany, the duo were amazed at the free spirit of local businesses and creative style of bars emerging, which inspired them to open their own bricks and mortar spot. “In New York, it’s a little more difficult to attain permits,” Li told Lonely Planet News. “So with Mood Ring we want to take that Berlin-mindset, that DIY mindset.”

Hungry after taking it all in? “We offer a limited Chinese snack menu, serving dumplings and pork buns,” Li said. Wash them down with a speciality cocktail, and a horoscope or two.