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Airbnb is launching its own apartment complex in Florida

As cities around the world try to sort out how to regulate Airbnb rentals, the company has teamed up with a development group to build its own home-share apartments in Florida.

Airbnb is launching its own branded apartment complex in Florida. Image by Airbnb

Airbnb and apartments don’t always mix, since many neighbours may not appreciate the comings-and-goings of travellers and landlords often have concerns about strangers entering buildings. This new complex will take away some of those concerns by creating an entire building full of people who are happy to rent out a room or their entire apartment. The new 324-unit complex will be “optimized for home sharing and flexible living” and located in Kissimmee, Florida, a community less than an hour’s drive from downtown Orlando and less than half an hour from Walt Disney World. Tenants will rent an apartment at “Niido Powered by Airbnb” and be able to rent out their unit for up to 180 days per year. Since there will be so much renting happening in one building, there will be a number of tools that will help make being an Airbnb host easier, like a new app that is integrated with Airbnb and supports checking in and assisting guests.

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn in Orlando at daybreak. Image by ©Testa Images/Getty Images

The apartments will be designed by Airbnb and Niido to have features that will benefit home-sharing, like keyless entry and common spaces. Tenants will sign an annual lease in the same way they would an apartment and can share individual rooms or their entire unit. Even if the tenant is away travelling, they will be able to rent out their place remotely through the app with the help of a “masterhost” at the property who can help guests with check-in and other services.

The properties are likely to appeal to anyone looking to help cover their rent by posting a room on Airbnb, or anyone who travels frequently during the year and wants to make some money off their empty apartment. While the new project has just been announced, it seems there are already plans to make it more widespread. Airbnb said in a statement that the new project, which is a partnership with Miami-based Newgard Development Group, is the first in a series of developments that will be created around the south-eastern US.