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Sleep a night inside this incredible bird’s nest villa in the heart of Kenya

If you’ve ever truly wanted a bird’s-eye-view of a gorgeous Kenyan landscape, a new villa that actually resembles a bird’s nest can make it happen.

The bird’s nest suite will give travellers a unique view. Image by Jimmy Nelson

The new villa at Segera Retreat is built in the heart of Laikipia, a popular safari location in Kenya known for its density of wildlife and a number of important animal conservancies. The villa provides guests with a 360-degree view of a nearby river and endless plains. Modelled after a bird’s nest, the entire nest is built with farmed wood and actual tree branches woven into a nest by local community members, according to the retreat. While the exterior is incredibly rustic, inside is a suite with a fully-equipped bathroom with solar-heated running water and a flush toilet.

The amazing top platform of the bird’s nest. Image by Jimmy Nelson

The entire stay will be an experience for guests, as they will arrive just before sunset after heading out on a game drive or bush walk. When they arrive at the nest, it will be lit up with lanterns and prepped with champagne and food on the top deck where they can enjoy an African sunset while eating a picnic-style dinner.

See the amazing wildlife and plains from the suite. Image by Jimmy Nelson

The suite inside will be ready with a luxury bed and hot water bottles for cool nights with views of the beautiful sky. When they awake, there will be a picnic breakfast waiting that they can enjoy while watching elephants, giraffes and other amazing wildlife at the river.

Inside the incredible bird’s nest suite. Image by Jimmy Nelson

The bird’s nest can fit two guests, but families can also visit with room for kids to take in the adventure of sleeping on the top deck. A night in the incredible villa is included for guests who stay at Segara Retreat for five nights or more, while those on a shorter stay can rent the room for US$1150 per night.