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Block Party! Take a look inside the new home of LEGO in Denmark

Three years in the making, this is how one of the most eagerly anticipated tourist attractions in the world now looks. For kids – both small and those who never grew up – the new LEGO House opening may well be the highlight of the year. These pictures give the first real glimpse of the magical interior of the centre, which can be found in the Danish city of Billund.

Billund’s newest museum from above. Image by LEGO House

Towering LEGO trees, gigantic dinosaurs, a brick waterfall, spectacular cityscapes, and a mountainous fairytale castle are just some of the miniature masterpieces that will leave visitors with one inevitable question … how long did that take to build? The entire building has been designed with play in mind, with the first and second floors given over to play zones for guests to build and mingle with other builders.

A towering LEGO tree inside the museum. Image by LEGO House

Some of the greatest works of LEGO art ever created are on the top floor while the lowest floor tells the story of how these tiny bricks captured the imagination of the world. A special feature will be the Vault where children and what are called AFoLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) can see the first editions of almost every LEGO set ever manufactured.

Children and adults will find plenty to amuse them. Image by LEGO House

To mark the opening, the company has also released a new 774-piece, 197-step kit replicating their new building, which is available only at LEGO House. Chief Executive Jesper Vilstrup said: “play runs through the LEGO Group’s DNA, and it is really brought to life in LEGO House. Everything from experience zones and outdoor areas to our restaurant concepts is based on play and creativity, so no matter what you do [here] … it will have something to do with playing.”

The stunning exterior. Image by LEGO House

The new centre was designed by BIG Architects who also built Denmark’s famous new Maritime Museum in Helsingør. The building itself is just as playful as the interior as this spectacular drone footage taken a few weeks before its opening shows.