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Experience the magic of Tanzania in these amazing drone videos

From the glistening waters of Zanzibar to the wildlife-watching on the vast plains of the Serengeti, this drone video will have you packing your bags for Tanzania


Created by travel bloggers Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden, who run the travel site the World Pursuit, the drone video shines a whole new light on the East African nation.

Zanzibar resort, Tanzania
Zanzibar resort, Tanzania Image by The World Pursuit

The aerial footage shows clips from the stunning beaches of Zanzibar, deserted sandbars off the coast, luxury resorts and safari camps, tree-covered mountain peaks and wild elephants and giraffes roaming through Tanzania’s National Parks.

The World Pursuit jeep
The World Pursuit jeep Image by The World Pursuit

“Locals have been so curious about our drone,” Cameron says. “Many times they’ve never seen one and we often let them watch from the screen on our phones. Younger people’s faces just light up.” While locals are intrigued by the drone and footage captured, Tanzania’s wildlife have been far from  impressed.“Pretty much every animal that hears or sees it, runs. In fact, we encountered a programme in which they train rangers to use our very drone to keep elephants out of local villages and crops,” says Cameron.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Image by The World Pursuit

The two bloggers have just finished a nine-month adventure driving across Africa in a jeep, in the hope of travelling off the beaten track and shattering people’s misconceptions about the continent.

Zanzibar beach
Zanzibar beach

“Information about Africa is also really sparse. When we first arrived the only other bloggers we found with recent information had done overland tours. So, their advice completely fell short because doing it on your own and having someone plan every single aspect is totally different.”

Creating stunning aerial footage of their travels, the pair has driven overland the whole way from South Africa to Uganda. They now plan to spend a few months on safari exploring East Africa and creating more drone videos to inspire people to visit this part of the world.

Check out their facebook page for more videos from Africa.


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