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This Vancouver café’s attempt at serving a pint of Guinness has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching this Friday, people all over the world will no doubt be preparing to indulge in a pint or two of Guinness, one of Ireland’s most famous and well-loved exports. However, one establishment in Canada has discovered that there is a decidedly right way to serve a pint, after photos that they shared on social media went viral.

Vancouver Guinness
The image has sparked serious debate on social media. Image by Railtown Cafe

Taken at Railtown Café in Vancouver, one of the photos depicts a can of Guinness being poured from a height straight into a glass, while the other, taken directly afterwards, shows the foamy head running down the side. While the energetic spirit of the image would be perfect for something like a larger or a frosty pale ale, the cardinal rule of a good Guinness for Irish people is a slow and steady pour. Draught Guinness is even famously poured in two parts, first allowing the middle section to settle before topping off the creamy head.

Railtown Cafe
The promotional picture showing a can of Guinness being poured. Image by Railtown Cafe

The images were shared as part of a special promotion that the café is running to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, advertising happy hour deals that include cottage pie croquettes with Guinness cheddar dip. However, Irish people and Guinness fans around the world soon began commenting on the post on the café’s Facebook page, with responses like, “Why must you disrespect the creamy nectar like this?”, “Oh my, fix that pint quick” and simply, “How dare you!”.

Vancouver Guinness
A well crafted pint of draught Guinness. Image by Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

The post got much more attention than the Railway Café anticipated, and the establishment has been quick to say that they meant no disrespect to the art of a carefully crafted pint. “Honestly we are all reading through the comments and laughing because we know these people are all right. We learned not to mess with Irish people or their beer, if any come to the café we’d pour them a proper Guinness and hopefully they would find it in their hearts to cheers us!” a manager at the café told Lonely Planet Travel News. With a Guinness Brewery planned for Baltimore County in Maryland, people in North America may not have to venture as far as Ireland to get a taste of the real deal.

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