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London is bringing art to the masses with a pop-up store offering prints in a vending machine

With instrumental hip hop blasting out of the speakers and trendy Londoners chatting over drinks at the bar, the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen pub in Shoreditch doesn’t look like your archetypal art exhibition.

Londons vending machine art pop up shop.
London’s vending machine art pop up shop. Image by Daniel Fahey

But that’s the point of the new pop-up Vending Machine Art Gallery – the project is attempting to make art more accessible by hanging it in pubs and selling it via vending machines. Running until 8 February, this temporary showcase is displaying artwork from 35 emerging artists, including the illustrator Hatch, graffiti artist Crok and the designer Sam Cotton. All of the work on show is based the theme of ‘Celebrating Multiculturalism’ and is available to buy from £20.

The pop-up art shop is in the Hoxton Bar and Grill in Shoreditch.
The pop-up art shop is in the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in Shoreditch. Image by Daniel Fahey

If visitors like what they see, they simply note down the code of the work they like and head over to a vending machine in the corner where they can pay for it. The rolled up artworks are then dispensed from the machine itself.

The Vending Machine Art Gallery.
The Vending Machine Art Gallery. Image by Daniel Fahey

Speaking about the gallery, the team behind the project said: ‘you don’t have to be an expert and know a lot about it. By taking the good art out of the gallery we introduce it to a wider audience that might have otherwise been too intimidated to show an interest.’

The Vending Machine Art Gallery will remain at the London bar until 25 March.
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