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Mandy Moore goes hiking and camping for four days in New Zealand

American actress and singer, Mandy Moore, has just completed a four-day expedition through New Zealand, alongside her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and several friends.

Mandy Moore has completed a four-day expedition through New Zealand. Image by Mandy Moore Instragram

The 35-year-old travelled through Mt Aspiring National Park and snow-capped Black Peak. She trekked, hiked and camped as part of a paid partnership with outdoor clothing firm, Eddie Bauer, on its #WhyIHike campaign, which aims to get people to share their stories around what inspires them to hike.

Mandy Moore Instagrammed her trip as part of Eddie Bauer’s #WhyIHike campaign. Image by Mandy Moore Instagram

Her 3.6m followers were able to enjoy the journey with Mandy and her friends as she shared photos on her Instagram page of the four-day trip. She described the terrain at one point as “ice, snow, lush forest canopies and soggy/seemingly bottomless holes of mud and slippery, moss-covered rocks.”

Mandy Moore travelled through New Zealand with her husband Taylor Goldsmith by her side. Image by Mandy Moore Instagram

Her travelling companions included Chase Weideman and Ashley and Jenn Streicher, and they were led by Eddie Bauer alpine guide, Melissa Arnot Reid. Mandy praised Melissa as a “patient teacher, whose strength, fortitude and heart serve as the perfect emblem of true leadership,” particularly when Mandy struggled on difficult terrain.

The group was led by Eddie Bauer alpine guide, Melissa Arnot Reid. Image by Mandy Moore Instagram

Mandy was honest about the rigours and challenges of the trip and spoke about beating herself up because she felt she was slowing the group down at one point. “On this particular day, we descended three thousand feet, not on any sort of trail, just down the mountainside,” she said. “I kept slipping on the combo of steep terrain and the aforementioned muck. Gradually I felt myself start to tense up and become hesitant with each step, as I was terrified to twist an ankle or plunge down the mountain face first.”

Mandy was honest to her followers about the rigours of the trip. Image by Mandy Moore Instagram

The “This Is Us” actor explained that she enjoys hiking as it gives her the opportunity for grounding, connection and recalibration. “There are oh so many metaphors for the challenges and discomfort that one may face on the trail that can be applied to life in a general sense,” she explained. “It can also be a time of quiet reflection, a time to drink in every frame of new terrain, to stand in wonder at the sheer beauty and magnitude of this planet…. it’s truly endless.”

Some of the terrain was difficult. Image by Mandy Moore Instagram

You can see all of the images from Mandy Moore’s #WhyIHike trip on her Instagram page here.