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An Italian photographer captures the romance of Florence

Though Italy is home to some absolutely incredible cities, there’s something truly magical about Florence. Hailed as the ‘birthplace of the Renaissance’, the Tuscan capital boasts spectacular art and architecture around every turn, with Michelangelo’s iconic David statue housed in its Accademia Gallery. Italian photographer Davide Sasso recently visited the city, taking a series of images that perfectly capture its romantic, old-worldly charm.

The Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence
The Ponte Vecchio is the ‘true heart of Florence’. Photo by Davide Sasso

“Florence really is an incredible city,” Davide tells Lonely Planet. “There are churches, works of art and beautiful facades around every corner. It’s the cradle of the Renaissance, and its great historical importance was certainly one of the reasons I chose to visit. Florence offered a stage that great artists like Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci used to make their works and creative genius known.”

Campanile, Florence
“Each floor reveals an unprecedented episode of the Campanile,” says Davide. Photo by Davide Sasso

“But the city rose and fell several times,” Davide continues, “at the hands of the Romans, Lombards, and other populations. Each era made its own architectural, artistic and creative contribution, all still evident in the streets, museums, churches, monuments, and even in the daily life of this wonderful city. And that’s exactly what I tried to convey through my pictures.”

Florence's famous Duomo
The iconic Duomo is visible on Florence’s pretty skyline. Photo by Davide Sasso

Davide photographed the city’s most iconic landmarks. “The Ponte Vecchio is one of the most crowded and photographed Florentine monuments”, he notes. “In my opinion, it’s the true heart of a city whose point of strength is craftsmanship and art. Giotto’s Campanile is magnificent from below, but it becomes extraordinary when seen from the inside, climbing step by step to the top. Each floor reveals an unprecedented episode of the building. I enjoyed photographing her reflection in some puddles!”

Reflection of the Campanile in a puddle
Davide captured the Campanile’s distinctive reflection. Photo by Davide Sasso

The epicentre of the city for Davide though is the stunning Piazza del Duomo. “Anyone who visits can’t help but be impressed by the beauty of its red, white and dark green marble”, he says. “In this square, you’ll find the most important religious complex of the city: the Baptistery of St. John, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) and Giotto’s Campanile. It’s amazing how all these important and unbelievable monuments are in a single square; it’s definitely my favourite place in the city. I hope through my photographs, you can feel – at least in part – the same emotions I’ve experienced in this incredible place!”