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For one month only, you can call these quirky Amsterdam art installations home

Those on the lookout for something a little different when it comes to accommodation should make their way to the Netherlands this month. UrbanCampsite Amsterdam is “a travelling campsite where camping and art meet.” For the month of August, the site’s fully-furnished art installations will be available on AirBnB, with the project offering up all the amenities of a regular campsite.

For one month only! Amsterdam's UrbanCampsite
The pop-up UrbanCampsite in Amsterdam. Image by: studiovalkenier

The theme of the installations is ‘The Art of Tech Living’, something that was influenced by the project’s location. “We’re situated in Amsterdam’s Science Park,” explains project co-creator Annette van Driel. “The Science department of the University of Amsterdam is there, as well as several research institutions and tech companies. So we’re surrounded by innovations and the tech world. As we always want to interact with the place we’re in, we decided on a tech-based theme.”

Playtime at the pop-up UrbanCampsite in Amsterdam
Children’s playground at Amsterdam’s UrbanCampsite. Image by: Robert Van Der Horst

With that in mind, 13 artists were invited to design unique little abodes that would feature in the campsite. “We asked artists and architects how they think technology will make our lives more sustainable in the future,” says Annette. “The interesting thing is, most of them didn’t choose high-tech elements, instead going back to basics.”

Wake up refreshed in this unique sleeping pod
Sleeping pod designed by Studio Made By at the UrbanCampsite. Image by: Jeroen Staats

The installations are both charming and fascinating. Rick Abelen’s ‘Magic Box’ presents a “living and sleeping object in the form of a camera obscura, mysterious and sober in execution. Through a lens in a hole in the wall, the outside world enters the stay.”

Stefanie Rittler and Sascha Henken’s ‘Waiting for Water’ meanwhile offers up “a humorous view on climate change: a residential object that drives with technical gadgets if the sea floods the country one day.” When visitors aren’t reclining in their unique guesthouses, they’re welcome to swing in the giant hangmat, bask in a mud bath of Science Park clay, or enjoy a hot stone massage in UrbanCampsite’s spa pavilion.