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This beautiful Instagram account captures the long-distance relationship of two photographers

For those in long-distance relationships, it’s essential to keep communication open and treasure anything that will bring them closer together when they’re miles apart. Now one pair of photographers have a novel and beautiful way of documenting their long-distance relationship.

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Becca Siegel and Dan Gold are spending the year apart. Becca lives in New York City with international trips in between, while Dan is spending a year abroad, living and working in 12 different cities as part of the Remote Year project.

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The couple decided to keep the spirit of collaborating going with their Half Half Travel project. The concept is simple; splice together their complimentary travel photos, despite being taken at opposite ends of the globe.

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The result is a vivid, slightly heartbreaking portrayal of long-distance relationship where sometimes the distance feels small and sometimes like a world away.

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It also serves as a more general and comforting reminder for travellers that the world, in all its differences, is not really too different after all.

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A post shared by becca & dan (@halfhalftravel) on Feb 6, 2017 at 4:18pm PST

The details in the composition of the photos are incredible, with the different scenes being lined up perfectly to compliment and contrast with each other.

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And they have great taste in travel guides too!