Lonely Planet Writer

The interesting reason Americans want to travel solo

There are plenty of reasons to try out a solo trip, but it turns out the main inspiration for travelers to set their own path is not wanting to compromise.

The top reason why Americans like to travel solo is setting their own itinerary. Image by d3sign/Getty Images

According to new research from YouGov, 66% of Americans have either traveled alone or would consider going solo. What inspires people to set out on their own? The number one reason is wanting to the freedom to make their itinerary without having any input from other people.

The next most popular reasons are that 37% find it easier to relax when they are alone, while 32% say traveling alone makes them feel more independent and self-confident, and travellers like certain destinations that appeal to them but not their family, friends or partners. When it comes to solo travel as a boost to self-confidence, this is a particularly strong feeling among millennial and Gen X women. About 41% of millennial women and 39% of Gen X cite this as an important reason.

However, there are certain types of travel that are better suited to going it alone. More than half, 57%, say they’d like to take a trip to another US city alone, while 50% say they would take a road trip. Fewer people would want to take a beach vacation by themselves, at 40%, while only 37% say they would want to travel to a foreign city alone.

When it comes to what is holding would-be solo travelers from heading out on their own, 57% say they would feel unsafe and 51% say might would be lonely.