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This pub is powered by a waterfall and you can stay there

If you fancy staying somewhere different, how about checking out the world’s first pub powered by a waterfall? An off-the-grid bar and accommodation experience created in Cornwall uses hydro and solar power technology. It has been built only from sustainable materials by six UK people from looking to escape from modern day life.

You can stay at the world’s first pub powered by a waterfall in Cornwall. Image: Carlsberg

Danish drinks brand Carlsberg created the pub as the perfect getaway from the super-charged, digitally-saturated world, and it can be booked through Airbnb. By inviting strangers to build the “Carlsberg Cabin,” the project sought to build relationships between them during the seven-day build, while teaching them new skills in the process.

Inside the Carlsberg Cabin pub powered by a waterfall in Cornwall. Image: Carlsberg

The carbon-neutral pub comes complete with a beer pump, and it is located at Kudhva, a wild camping experience. It has been created to sleep up to six people and was designed by architect, Ben Huggins, from New British Design. “The inspiration for the design of the Carlsberg Cabin is a ‘Danish’ re-imagining of the iconic Cornish engine houses you see in Poldark,” he says.

“The original engine houses were built of stone and pumped water from the tin mines, and now we’ve translated that iconic design into a lightweight frame structure but this time pumping beer. The remote off-grid nature of the quarry location required the use of both solar PV and hydro-electricity to power the Carlsberg Draughtmaster that consistently delivers the perfect, chilled pint.”

Six people can stay at the Carlsberg Cabin pub in Cornwall. Image: Carlsberg

The cabin was part of a project, Build the Danish Way, which was designed to bring an element of the Danish way of life to the UK. For a limited time, it is available for guests to stay and sleep in their very own off-grid bar, pre-stocked with beer.

To book your stay at the Carlsberg Cabin, see here.